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What is Life Coaching?

Imagine if you woke up every day and you were super excited for the day, because you knew that no matter what came your way, your worth was not defined by it.

Sounds awesome right?  Because it is.

Life coaching serves the critical role of helping you get unstuck and on track to an incredible life of freedom and fulfillment walking in your worth. The goal of this process centers on highlighting roadblocks and obstacles between you and the life you truly want. A good coach helps you recognize your inner strengths and natural talents, and facilitates your ability to use those strengths to chart your own course in the world.

Once you have clarity about where you want to go and how you intend to get there, the next step in the life coaching process can help you create the roadmap that gets you there and keep you focused on the journey. How exciting is that!?


Lydia’s Story

“You could either spend money on coaching or personal development and have something with impact your relationships, career, and family for generations; or you could spend that same amount on a vacation or a flatscreen TV. The benefit of spending that amount as an investment in yourself is that you have something to show for it years later. You can confidently look back and say, ‘I’m really proud of myself that I took that step and invested in myself’. It’s absolutely worth it.”

Tamara’s Story

“I started coaching because I felt like it was the next step. After about four years of counseling, we reached a place where my progress plateaued and my goals and needs weren’t being met. I had just started my master’s degree in counseling and had been really struggling with time management and building good study habits, so I decided to pursue coaching with Danielle.

Over the past three months of coaching, I definitely feel more confident and am more aware of my worth. These lessons carry over into everything that I do, and I would encourage anyone considering coaching to do it if they have goals they want to achieve.

Ready to walk in your worth?

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